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The Miracle Berry: A Flavor Trip in the Land of Cocktails - Sept 22


After eating the miracle berry (yes, that is its actual name), people perceive sour tastes as sweet for roughly the next hour. The effect is drastic, hilarious, and rather enjoyable. Does goat cheese really start to taste like cheesecake? Will you enjoy raw lemon and plain vinegar for the first time ever? Will your whiskey sour become a whiskey sweet? Try one to find out!

Join us for a miracle berry-based cocktail event where participants will eat the berry as well as learn the science behind how the berry achieves its effect. 

A ticket includes a flight of four cocktails that will change flavor drastically after the berry is eaten (equivalent to about 2.5 full-size drinks), and a variety of small bites to highlight the sour-to-sweet transition!

One seating at 6:00pm
$45 per person

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